Is “medium” a viable new medium for collaborative digital storytelling?

I’ve been liking the things I see people creating on so started playing around with it.
At this point I’m early in my explorations but it seems like it could be quite useful in collaborative sense-making and digital story-telling.
Being especially tuned in to all things visual I have been struggling to figure out how to do a few things:
my medium puzzles
At this point I think I need to co-investigators. Are others who are using it interested in sharing discoveries? If so, head on over to the embedded post and add some notes. You can also request to have yourself added as a writer in the collection: messing with medium (although I think their new rules on collections might just render them useless for my purposes).

what is Project Zero? an animated short video on Harvard’s Project Zero.

Created in collaboration with Project Zero researchers, this animation offers one window into the research and practices of this long-lived and vibrant community of curious educators and learners.


Elevator Pitch — my 2013 mission

This animated short is my 2013 elevator pitch.
Underlying the content is a theory of learning and a philosophy of education: I believe that each of us constructs what we know (and do) from the ground up. I think of this literally, meaning that by engaging with ideas through conversation and play, we grow fresh connections in our embodied brains. Our habits of inquiry and exploration allow us to adapt to a changing world (and an aging body) and so are essential to a happy and healthy life.

Animated notes to my future self

I created this animated short as my final project in Otto Scharmer’s Sloan School of Management course on Leadership for the emerging future at MIT. It describes my sense-making around the experience of practicing his “Theory U”, particularly in reflecting ON the reflective practices he used in teaching the course.